Our luxury retail units are the brainchild of Per ChantBou. They were borne out of Per’s lifelong passion for creating high-end packaging and catering experiences. In 2019, Per moved to the tiny island of Strynø in Denmark to focus on one thing - making executive quality Danish Butter cookies and confectionery to sell in local workplaces.


Yet when Per saw that Danish Butter cookies are offered by retailers in over 130 countries he asked himself “how can I get my products into boardrooms and company offices all over the world?”. He sat down and sketched out a prototype for the ‘Book Case’ - an automated retail unit, with digital touch screens to display video marketing and product information.



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Fast forward to today, and the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the game for global retail and supply chains. Hygienic storage and delivery mechanisms are now a primary concern for preventing the transmission of harmful pathogens. The adoption of ‘social distancing’ has also laid bare weaknesses and costly bottlenecks in the old ‘high street’ retail model.


All of this has only added to strains on the sector caused by the rise of e-commerce. In this regard, Per’s invention gives old-style stores a critical opportunity to level the playing field, by utilising the best elements of e-coms to create a high-tech, automated shopping experience. ChantBou kiosks are faster, cleaner and far more cost-efficient than traditional retail outlets.


After several months spent refining his creation on the island of Strynø (with only 200 people and a grocery store to keep him company), Per had perfected the ChantBou kiosk - a concept which promises to revolutionise the retail industry. Here are just a few of the many benefits of these modern retail units.

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  • Serve customers faster than a traditional ‘brick and mortar’ store

  • Remove checkout bottlenecks and the need for people to wait in line

  • Physical products locked inside unit, hence can’t be contaminated by the public

  • Remote, touch-free shopping reduces scope for bacterial / viral transmission

  • Mobile friendly service allows customer to browse and buy ‘on the go’

  • Virtually unlimited space for product information, including currencies and languages

  • Compatible with digital payment systems to obviate need for physical cash

  • Vastly lower operating cost versus physical store

  • Modern, high-tech interface gives customers exclusive shopping experience

  • Complements physical stores, allowing them to stay open around the clock

  • Boosts revenue, particularly for product lines that don’t require much physical handling

  • Profitable and viable distribution option for fast-growing companies in post-Covid era


Plus much more.


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ChantBou is a Danish manufacturer and supplier of digital kiosks to the corporate market. We work with industry leaders who want to expand their distribution network by harnessing new and more efficient technology. Our retail units give these companies added visibility in the public space and make it easier for them to get their brand message across.




For additional information on Per ChantBou’s passion and work, check out his own website.