The Smart Retail Drawers are the brainchild of Per ChantBou. They were borne out of Per’s lifelong passion for creating high-end packaging and catering experiences.


When the Danish Prime Minister Mrs Mette Frederiksen shut down Denmark on the 11th of March 2020 in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, Per ChantBou asked himself the simple question: "How can we give people access to the physical stores and their products, even though the stores are actually closed?

He sat down and sketched out a prototype for the ‘Book Case’ – an automated retail unit with digital touch screens to display video marketing and product information.


It all started when Per ChantBou designed the first Book Case with room for 16 drawers. Later during the pandemic, the concept was expanded with "The Wall", "The Column", & "The Monument"

The idea is patented and trademark protected. 


For additional information on Per ChantBou’s passion and work, check out his personal own website and check out his past work.